Connection Illustrator to PDM or PLM



video icon.jpgOften brands use a database called PDM or PLM for design administrative reasons. When they do, the designers need a method to get one or more images of their Illustrator designs inside the PDM of PLM database. Designersupport created the most simple solution possible in the form of a script that fully automatically exports all desired drawings to jpg files. In a way they keep full freedom in using the Adobe Illustrator artboards and layers, with no restrictions at all.

How does it work? Exporting:PLM08.pngIt looks for groups inside the second layer from top. Any group inside this layer will be exported to a jpg file.

All non grouped objects in layer 2 and everything inside other layers will be ignored.

Naming the exported jpg files:The script automatically uses the layer name and attaches the group name to it and uses that for the file name.
Let’s say the second layer is named: Style#
and the group inside that layer is named: _Techspec
Then the exported jpg will be called: Style#_Techspec.jpg

Saving JPG to a prefixed folderThe script will automatically save all jpg files in the same prefixed folder created by your IT department. You will not have to click to answer questions. This way, you start the script and that’s it.

Saving to PNGWhen you press and hold the 'shift' key while starting up the script, it will automatically save to PNG files in stead of JPG. No questions asked while exporting!

Save JPG files anywhereWhen you want to save exported JPG files anywhere else than the prefixed folder? Press and hold the 'alt' key and Illustrator will ask you where to save the JPG files.

Save PNG files anywhereWhen you want to save exported PNG files anywhere else than the prefixed folder? Press and hold the 'alt' and 'shift' key and Illustrator will ask you where to save the PNG files.

Why this script?The goal is to save as much time as possible when exporting images from Illustrator to PDM or PLM.

What are the pro’s?

  • Export unlimited groups from one Illustrator document to JPG or PNG files at once.
  • Exporting happens in a matter of seconds!
  • You need one Illustrator file for each style even when you need more JPG / PNG for one style.
  • Free use of artboards, no restrictions. The script even exports groups which are not on an artboard at all
    (this is handy when you want a group exported to PDM / PLM but not inside a PDF or on a print).
  • No restrictions where to store the Illustrator document, save it anywhere.
  • The Illustrator document name is ignored. All naming for the JPG / PNG file happens inside the Layers panel.
  • When you edit an Illustrator document later, and export again, JPG or PNG files will automatically be overwritten.
  • No need to lock, unlock, hide, unhide, select or deselect objects or groups before exporting, just start up the script!
  • You have the choice, save automatically to a prefixed folder with no questions asked, or optionally press and hold the 'shift' key to save the exported files anywhere you want. 
  • You have the choice to save to JPG or PNG. Saving to JPG goes automatically, saving to PNG goes automatically when you press and hold 'alt' while starting up te script. 

What does it cost?

Often we offer this script in combination with some hours of consult and sometimes training as well. Although the script works extremely simple, brands often like to take advantage of the moment and give us the opportunity to give the designers some extra Illustrator training. For this script for instance, it is important to know how to move groups from one layer to another the easiest and quickest way. This is why we need to get in contact first to be able to offer a sharp price for the script.

How can we get this script?

Go to our contact page here!